Reality Pen

Edit the world. Warp reality. Be lewd.

Game Description

This game was inspired by “The Pen is Mightier” by qazpllp on the tfgames site. 

In this interactive Twine adventure, you play Dave, an ordinary man who’s about to move out of his home. While waiting for his wife Vanessa to come home from an afternoon out with her friends, he finds a pen with a strange power, namely that by altering words on a page, he can edit reality itself. Can he get a handle on his new power and handle the consequences of changing the world?

As is, this game represents the first day of Dave having the pen. 6 available endings to the first day exist, 5 good and 1 bad.

If you notice any typos or errors, feel free to let me know and I can fix those ASAFP.

Cover art was done by my wife.

What to expect right now: Breast expansion, PE, mini-gts, regular gts, mind control, excessive cum, ass expansion, themes of dominance/submission, cowgirl transformations, and probably some other stuff too.

What to expect in the future: Harem content, maidification, mythical transformations, etc.

What not to expect: Incest, pregnancy, the player character getting NTR’d.

NOTE: For a full list of fetishes with each update, feel free to check the devlog.

Also, on request, I added a more-easily-downloadable version.


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