Realistic Visual Novel Sprites (Collaborators Wanted)

Visual Novel characters you can use for free.

Game Description

Hello all. This is a sample pack of some characters I created using Daz Studio and Stable Diffusion. These assets can be downloaded and used for your projects, both commercial and non-commercial. If you use them, send me a link so I can check them out. A little bit of PhotoShop skill will come in handy to get the clothes to fit just right. 

This project is mostly just a place to see if anyone is interested in collaborating. My goal is to find a few people who like this style (or are interested in exploring other styles), and will help put together a short demo. I am open to changing styles, but I really enjoy the Daz to Stable Diffusion workflow, so that would have to be part of the project. 

I am open as far as software is concerned. I would love to create something in RPG Maker, but it is more realistic to do a demo in Ren’Py. 

I am also dabbling in 360 Stereoscopic visual novel creation, but haven’t perfected the workflow yet. 

My other goal is to create assets for other people, using my workflow. That could mean expanding this asset-pack, creating custom characters, or creating a new asset-pack with a different style. Whatever path seems to have higher demand, is probably where I’ll focus. 

Here are a couple of things I’ve noticed on my Daz to Stable journey. Any discussion around these observations would be dope. 


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