Ready to Reform

Game Description

Please note before playing: The game is in development so it is not finished. The main purpose of hosting it here on is to give an option to play what there is of the game so far in the browser. 

I am aiming to update it monthly, but it will take time for the game to truly grow. For more info on what content is in an update, you can view the changelog here:

You will probably have to use FullScreen to play this on, and make sure to click the left arrow icon, to display the side menu.

What is this game?

In Ready to Reform, you play as an adult male who is sent to live in a Personal Growth Center, and figure out how to adapt to your new life there. Though at first it may seem like an environment designed to confine you, it could potentially open you up in some ways…

It’s a slow transformation, story-driven game, with distinct paths to go down and many choices to develop your character’s mentality and actions.

This game is Erotic fiction and is for Adults only. Some of it’s themes and gameplay come under BDSM. The scenarios depicted are all fantasy intended to thrill.

How will it continue?

Development is ongoing. There’s much more story coming and some more gameplay aspects too. I try to make monthly updates to the game. I have a full time job but I’m aiming each one to add at least 4000 new words to the game, so some updates will be more significant than others. You can probably imagine this will take some time, but I believe the final game will be worth it. 

Please consider supporting me on Patreon if you would like to help development:

There is also a discord, feel free to join!:

For more info on the game, including walkthroughs and changelogs, please go to


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