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Welcome to the Rapid Domestication Programme! The goal of this life-changing facility is to allow humans and animals to live in harmony. No more violence. No more disobedience. For everyone to live peacefully. Together. The following files have been compelled since the collapse of the RDP, a programme which was terminated following an investigation into illegal brainwashing of unwilling participants.

RDP-Files_ is a moody CYOA game involving human to animal transformation and brainwashing to an obedient pet. It’s short, sweet, and kinda glitchy? Though, that might just be all those happy thoughts filing your head. Woof! Don’t want to obey? That’s okay, we’ll make you…

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 ‘RDP-Files_’ is a free to play game. However, if you’re enjoying this work, then please do support me with a donation on Ko-fi. Donations fund extra time for me to work on fun projects like this! If you liked this game then visit my itch.io library to see more interaction fiction, or check out my FurAffinity page for more smutty stories!


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