Ransom Chapter 1

Game Description

Gregory comes home to a welcoming  wife. He fucks her in no time and when he unleashes his load they are suddenly summoned by the baroness. They need to find  to borrow some money  to pay a ransom as Geraldine’s father has been kidnapped. They go on a journey to find the father. On their way, they meet an old woman and go inside her hut. There she messages the wife and gives both Gregory and his wife some kind of potion which makes them both sleepy. In the wife’s dream, she meets a satyr that needs sex, luckily a fairy comes and sacrifice herself to be fucked by the satyr. The satyr’s dick is so big that when he thrusts, the fairy’s stomach swells.

Instruction: Each time the cursor is available, you have to carry out an action by using four controls. The simple click, where you find a hotspot, and click on it. The double click, where you find a hot spot and click on it but when you release the cursor is still visible and you need to find a second hot spot. The click and move, where you find a hot spot and click on it, and then without releasing the button, you move in the direction where the action must occur. The last, the come and go, where it works like the click and move but the movement must be coming and going.   


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