Quill Service

Do your best to serve beverages to a rowdy crowd at HEAT

Game Description

Cover art by Poketto!

Currently, there are exactly two patrons. The goal is for there to be five in any playthrough, drawing from a pool of at least nine possible patrons. There’s also supposed to be an ending that occurs when you’ve finished serving all the patrons… right now, the game only ends when you lose control one way or another. Consider this a proof-of-concept!

Quill has a simple job tonight: serve drinks to the rowdy patrons at HEAT. There’s just one hitch: the patrons are allowed to do whatever they like with him. Can he endure advances, groping and teasing long enough to complete his shift, or will he lose it?

cw: groping, teasing and bullying with consent. omorashi (can be disabled in the settings)


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