Princess Pink Quick Date

You just rescued the Princess, she offered a date! What could go lewd?

Game Description

A very short “dating game”, or more like a Glorified Gallery! or so it was supposed to be, but ended up being a bit longer than that. Not long enough to be a full fledged game though, just a very short test for both desktop and mobile. Not a “demo” per se, since all the content is already available in this version! 

I started this as a “quick project”, just to transition more from Flash into HTML5, but it took me way more than anticipated. I regret not having a more clear plan about what I wanted to do, and overall regret ever starting it, to be honest. Even after learning some new stuff, my biggest lesson is that I just want to go back to draw illustrations and comics for now 

NOTE: It should still have some bugs and mistakes here and there, so for this pre-release I added “scene labels” to the left of the SKIP button, so if you find something to report, please use that label so I can fix the stuff a bit easier (nevermind the acutal label names, they’re supposed to be just internal markers so they don’t always make sense in context).


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