Pose Off (Demo)

A bare-bones demo for an arousal-based, turn-based RPG. Mostly a proof of concept

Game Description

I wanted to create a turn-based RPG using sexual arousal as the mechanic, meaning that each attack you utilize will cost you in some measure your own “resolve”.

This is a proof of concept. Quickly here I’d like to get more features added. I’ll be posting a roadmap next week so y’all can be in the know about where this is headed. Ideas are welcome at this juncture!

0.3.0 Update

Admittedly, this is a bit of a step back to get to a step forward. Slow down to speed up or some shit like that. Anyways, gameplay has taken a pretty obvious hit in favor of getting some new content in place.  Next release is going to be a complete gameplay overhaul though, so go easy on me, for now, this update added:

And that’s pretty much it besides a few little bug fixes I found!

0.2.0 Update

In this update I added:


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