Pokemon: Psychic Safari

An adult, text-based Pokemon fangame

Game Description

Both mobile browsers and desktop devices are supported. If the game seems unresponsive on startup, please wait a few moments while it loads.

While exploring an abandoned Pokemon Safari Zone, you come across a strange coin that gives you the power to talk to and understand Pokemon. You’re there to investigate some strange happenings, but once you find the coin, there’s something else to worry about: it’s Pokemon mating season! If you want to get anywhere, you’ll have to deal with the Safari Zone’s lusty inhabitants.

Pokemon Psychic Safari is a text-based adventure focused on Pokephilia, currently in development! Themes include steamy human-on-horny-Pokemon action and some elements of hypnosis. Right now, you can explore the forest at the entrance of the Safari Zone and meet several Pokemon, both male and female, who are ready for more than just a fight…

18+: PPS is intended for mature audiences only. If you’re under the age of 18, do not play it.

Coming soon!

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