Path of Martial Arts (IF)

Game Description

TW: extreme violence, harsh language, very dark/grim world, slavery.

Path of Martial Arts is a xianxia-inspired interactive fiction made in ChoiceScript.  It’s entirely text-based and can be played freely in the browser.


You play as an heir of an old and noble, but decadent family of Martial Artists. The sole descendant of your clan, it’s fate within your hands: whether you will restore its previous glory or will let it collapse under turbulent tides of the Martial World is up to you.

Take in mind, this is a WiP (a very active one). The current size of the demo is 307k words.

Here’s a couple of links, if you’re interested:


Premium Version (need password from Boosty, 349k currently)



CoG forum thread (need access to adult category).


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