(non)human desires [v4]

Cute girl survives in a vibrant inhuman Hell

Game Description

Cute girl survives in a vibrant inhuman Hell
Real-Time Roguelite-Sandbox-HellSimulation-RPG

«Faced with the end, faced with the apocalypse, the past folds over into the future. In the process, time collapses, and the hour of ghouls, revenants, and unhuman bodies emerge» — D. Trigg

Features (in the latest paid version):
• 19 CG, 6 animations
• 4 locations: unique (by map editor) and procedurally generated
• 2 playable characters (cute slut and sadistic vampire girl)
• combat system (dismemberment)
• upgrade system (strength, dexterity)
• permadeath (if sanity is 0%)
• inventory
• relationship, hunger, EXP, monsters and more…
For the rest, see the Development Log
Controls: only mouse

Fetishes (in the latest paid version):
group, undressing, petting, breast sucking, spread ass, blowjob, futa with female, vaginal

• crafting, creating orgies, summoning succubus and incubus, furry pets, farming, better animations, your ideas
• more freedom, characters, sounds, locations, monsters, interactions

• non-human ontologies, dark vitalism, speculative realism

Influences: B. Woodard, I. Masodov, S. Shaviro, D. Trigg, J. Bennett


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