Nemurimouto v0.04

Your sister moves in with you for university summer break. Maybe you could have some fun with her!

Game Description

The game development heavily relies on your funding. If you’d like to support what I do, please consider supporting me on subscribestar. As a reward, you’ll get access to the latest uncensored version, along with a few other benefits. Thank you so much ♥

Nemurimouto is coming to Steam!! Wishlist and follow the game if you’d like!

Your sister will be staying at your place for the university summer break. She tends to sleep a lot, maybe you could have some fun!

There are 4 H-scenes available in this version. You’ll get an extra H-scene in v0.05 version (paid), as well as some extra dialogue, interactions, and voice acting lines~

For the best playing experience, it’s recommended that you play standalone version of the game rather than the web version as you may encounter some issues



Q: Can you save in this game?

A: Saving is available starting with v0.05! You will not be able to save your game in the browser version.

Q: Will v0.05 be free?

A: Yes, as soon as v0.06 comes out! And then v0.07 will stay paid until v0.08 comes out, and so on and so on.

Q: Can you make it uncensored?

A: You can get the uncensored version on my subscribestar, along with some other benefits~

Q: It crashed?

A: It shouldn’t! Please let me know the details and I’ll see if I can fix the issue in future updates.

Q: It says something about a key that I need to download it?

A: If you haven’t bought the game before has disabled payouts for me, you can only download v0.04 for windows on this page. v0.05 for windows and android are available on my subscribestar.


VA: 羽月まな

BGM: Rest!

PV BGM: _saityr_

Background art: 斧人

Translation: Pulse (JP), Quentin (FR), 太上月华静夜天尊 (CN), Lordscarpio (ES)

Character art, coding, Live2D animation, general game development: me!


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