Naughty romance comedy visual novel

Game Description

Naughtychat1 Prologue:

Adam is from a small town and is staying in a college town while he attends classes. He discovers a secret website called “Naughtychat” that is secretly run by nefarious elements of the college staff and starts exploring and letting girls watch him jerk off online.

Blaine is a nun attending theology classes at the college. 

She is losing her faith in the church and wants to explore her sexuality. 

She finds the Naughtychat secret password in a library computer and starts chatting with Adam.

Adam and Blain make a deal to be honest with each other and slowly begin talking naughty and doing naughty things. 

Adam gets a job at the “Bunny Club” as a waiter and discovers that there are a lot more girls in town than guys. Girls in this college town seem more aggressive than the girls at home and he often finds opportunities for casual sexual encounters especially at the local carry out.

Adam feels guilty and goes to confession at the local church where he discovers that the priest is very liberal and does not consider pre-marital sex sinful. The priest offers Adam the opportunity to clandestinely meet some of his sexually curious nuns provided he takes a vow of silence and does not speak to the nuns so they can’t become romantically involved with him. He meets with several nuns who want to play with him including a nun named Samantha who has a little penis where her clit is supposed to be.

Samantha and Blain become good friends and make a deal to be honest with each other.  Samantha wants to be honest with Blain and tell her she’s had sexual encounters with Adam but she can’t because the priest made her take a vow of silence. Blain wants to tell Samantha that she’s been being naughty with Adam but she’s afraid Samantha would freak out.


You can buy the entire Naughtychat tyranobuilder project file which contains all images, webm looping sex animations, music and sound effects used in Naughtychat1 along with the unrestricted rights to use it for anything you want and make your own visual novel with it.

The “webm” animations work in ren’py and most other visual novel building programs and they play on a smartphone too. The scenes and animations can be mixed up and reused to create an endless variety of stories. Add your own story and dialouge and develop your chartacters any way you want.  

If you have tyranobuilder you can just drop the project file “NaughtyChat1_Tyranobuilder_Project_File_With_All_Images-Animations-music-sound-effects” into your tyranobuilder “myproject” folder and the whole Naughtychat project will be there just as if you had made it yourself.

This project file is also a great tool to help you learn how to use tyranobuilder. Tyranobuilder is a fun and easy way to make your own stories.

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