Natural Pressures

Pokemon TFTG Game

Game Description

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After a camping trip goes wrong, a terrific storm leaves you trapped in the forest! With minimal resources and a maze-like woodland to escape, you’d do anything to survive…even sacrifice your humanity! Will you keep grinding and fighting for a route home, or submit to the natural pressures and adapt to your new life?

‘Natural Pressures’ is a CYOA twine game with strong TF, TG, and MC themes involving a male-to-Umbreon transformation.

A gameplay guide can be accessed via the FurAffinity upload here!The guide includes a summary of the gameplay and instructions for how to achieve every ‘bad end’. 

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‘Natural Pressures’ is a free to play game. However, if you’re enjoying this work, then please do support me with a donation on Ko-fi. Donations fund extra time for me to work on fun projects like this! If you liked this game then visit my library to see more interaction fiction, or check out my FurAffinity page for more smutty stories!


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