Monstigari girls only want one thing

A mysterious girl shows up during a storm and wants to stay the night…

Game Description

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HI!! I’m Navi! I’m here to tell you about this project 😀

Development complete: 05%

This game is intended to be played by a mature audience. Nudity, Sexual content, foul language, blood, use of alcohol, drugs, and of course violence.

complete so far: Intro, first quest, first cut scene, first dialog.

This is an adventure game with a lot of visual novel. On a dark and stormy night a mysterious girl seeks shelter in your mountain retreat home but she is not what she seems to be.

You will(soon):

>Solve interactive quests.

>Explore your home and nearby woods. 

>Get seduced repeatedly (well, she tries) by a lustful mystery woman.

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I would love to hear if you like this and want me to do more.

Update7/11/21 v0.02

fixed original v0.01 broken dialog. Sorry, broken right out the gate 🙂 redownload monsigaristory02 to see the soggy fuzzy bits.


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