Monsters of The Forest

A monster-girl transformation CYOA epic

Game Description

You are an adventurer who was guarding a caravan. Then your party was captured by monster girls. You need to decide if you should rescue your friends or escape. As you journey you find yourself changing. How much are you willing to change to accomplish your goal?

Monsters of the forest is a monster-girl transformation CYOA epic. It was made in the twine engine and is a linear CYOA. It features some NSFW content, a male to female transformation, and monster-girl transformations.

Currently the game has 1 path with all endings there complete, one path that’s 50% done, and one path that’s just started. Has ant-girls, spider-girls and a kitsune.

Homepage and more detailed version notes:


.4.25.03: finished all but the hidden kitsune 1 endings. Happy new years everybody! Let’s hope for a good 2024! Word count: 326,217

 Also offered is the MOTH prototype, a partially complete visual novel adaptation of the story made in the starlight engine with a lot of help from Salty Justice ( The art is placeholder and there’s no music added yet. Updated 12/17/2022

Title art drawn by:


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