MM: Master Edition

A 18+ M/M monster dating game

Game Description

Against your better judgement, tonight you decided to head on to a non-human night club. Drinks go by, and you decide to call it quits when someone catches your eye. 

Will you follow your reason or your impulses? The same question you asked yourself all those years ago when you first met…

Monster Manual: Master Edition is an adult interactive story made in Twine set in the current day, but in a world where orcs, gnolls, and other sorts of creatures live alongside humans. In this short game, you make choices, and those choices will affect which of these men, if any, that you get closer to.

Six different endings, with some minor variations in them depending on your choices.

Do note that the game is considered to be finished. There might be further updates to fix bugs or some other errors, but no more content will be released.

Also, this game requires cookies to function properly and likely JavaScript as well (though not entirely sure for the latter).

Thumbnail art by buccaner.


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