There has been a containment breach in a drone production facility. Your orders are to shelter in place.

Game Description

A small project I created in about a week. This CYOA features dronification,  hypnosis and explicit sex acts.

The purpose of this prototype (besides being horny) was to explore ways to allow the player to tailor their experience, and offer a variety of experiences in a fetish CYOA. Often, I find these bad end simulators exclusively feature cis characters of a singular orientation with the player in the submissive role. They also tend to make changes to the player that are unwanted (at least for me). None of this is to throw shade though. I’m a huge fan of Castle Nox by Blueballs, which is what inspired me to start this project.

While still rather barebones, this game features the players ability to choose their genitals and whether they can be changed during the course of the story, as well as defining one character they  can interact with in either the dominant or submissive role. 

I have ideas for future iterations of this with more gamification.  But that is a long way off, and this sort of customizability can be difficult to scale without compromising heavily on writing.

There are 4 endings: 


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