Married Life With A Lamia 0.9E

Adult Monster Girl Game

Game Description

Married Life With A Lamia is a 2D erotic monster girl game made with RPG Maker MZ. The game is focusing on a lovey-dovey interspecies romance between a human and a lamia, with a short story built around minigames in order to earn gold and unlock content from the shop and level your relationship level by doing various interactions with your lamia wife. This game is fully complete. This is my very first game.

95% of the H scenes were made by frame-by-frame drawing.
NSFW Shop system where you can unlock new scenes or features like character/text customization.
Do simple tasks to earn money.
You can challenge yourself with minigames (Avoid Traps, Labyrynth, Puzzles) for bigger rewards.
Interactions such as kissing, hugging, and headpats as well.
In the paid product you can get and use extra scenes/cheats/gallery.
Dominant or Submissive female personality for different dialogs during scenes.
Keep tracking your relationship’s progress with a scroll, you can find it on the table.
Demo contains the 80-85% of the game for free and without some features.
A short and simple game made with pure passion.

2DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Female domination, Monster girl, Male domination, Handjob, Tailjob, Tongue job, Paizuri, Cunnilingus, Oral job, Buttjob, Coilfuck, 69, Pegging, Vore, Mind Control. Futa, Kissing, Headpat, Handholding, Shop, Tasks, Character Customization, Roleplay, Vaginal Penetration, Cowgirl, Missionary, Anal Penetration, Anal,  Challenges,

Please consider supporting me so I can keep staying motivated and doing my best during the time I work on my projects. You can also buy the game at this link or on Steam below. You can also check out my other projects.


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