Lusty Labyrinth

A gay furry sex roguelite game

Game Description

The roguelite game that defined a furry generation is back!

Become the sexual dungeon explorer you’ve always wanted to be with Lusty Labyrinth, a roguelite where you must discover dungeons, find the treasures and level up. But beware, for there are many fiends who want nothing more than to fuck your brains out. Overcome goblins, dragons, minotaurs and more in this sexual adventure of a a lifetime.

Update Dec 6th 2023: Uploaded a new version of the stand alone game, this one has a full screen toggle and you can press Escape to quit.

Update Dec 4th 2023: Debugged consumables, now they don’t stick a downgrade when you lose that battle. Also made some other small debugging changes and added a standalone build.


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