Lucky’s Leap

Game Description

Hello! This is a reboot/revamp of a TWINE game I never actually published, since it got so out of control with so many ‘routes’ that I decided to try to reboot it and start on a smaller scale. Plus, I wanted to sort of ‘add’ a LitRPG element of sorts to it. 

You play as a male in your mid-twenties, who loves a website called Occult Oddities, following news of a gay bar that materializes in a warehouse once every month on a full moon lures you into trying to find it. 

Why? All the testimonies you can find imply that you could meet Dwarves, Satyrs, Orcs, and other fantastical folk.

In extremely early Beta – even if you can explore several rooms, and chat up a couple people, the routes themselves I wanted to encode for Bara Jam didn’t get done in time. So you will have a bit of conversation getting to know one, and another character you will just ‘meet’ and the game ends there. (I will try to provide an ‘exit’ link so you can explore more of the bar if needed before quitting the game. 

Since the routes are so early in production at this time, there’s no actual NSFW content just yet. 


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