Love and Corruption

A new world to explore and discover, full of love and corruption.

Game Description

Love and Corruption is a text-based RPG of medieval high fantasy.


In Love and Corruption, you’ll play the role of Kristan Silversword, a young swordsman who is coming to a new life after deep trauma. He will need to venture into the world of Aedryll, tasked with cleaning up any traces of corruption he finds.

This game is about exploring a vast world and discovering maps, people, quests, items, stories. But most importantly, romances with all kinds of different women.

Elves, Orcs, Nymphs, Catgirls, Wolfgirls, Bunnygirls, Goblins, Demonesses… Pure cuties that will help you, and corrupt girls that need to be stopped and tamed, and will stand in your way.

Discover hot romances of all kinds, with a lot of interactivity and, of course, profound things like pregnancy and forming a large family with your favorite waifus as you try to deal with an evil far greater than your efforts!

The game contains a wide range of features and systems. This is designed to be a wide and expansive RPG, where you will find the real experience of a classic RPG, with a lot of hot romance.

Items, equipment, skills, leveling & skilltree… You can form a unique set, yes. As time goes by, I will be adding more and more items and skills.

You know… Romance leads to something deeper. And in this case, pregnancy! This is one of the central points of the game, where you can have a complete experience.

Hot scenes of romance, win your girls’ hearts, and finally watch them give in to the feelings and start a family!

Pregnancy, childbirth, watching your kids be born and grow. Here, you will have it all, if you want it.

The game has dating, hand-written events, but also a sex system with unique content for our unique girls.

Yes, I write and keep adding more and more content to it. The game is balanced between fun sex system and hand-written scenes!

Game premise… Girls of all types and races. Good, evil, and very naughty at times… You’ll get it all. Choose the girls you like the most, charm them, and win their hearts! 

The game has a list of focuses, designed for a male protagonist in a fantasy world, full of exotic beauties to meet and romance.

 If you’re using Android, Itch makes great portability for that. If you want to use the downloadable version, you can run the game using your browser, through an Html viwer, or using Joiplay.


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