Lioncard’s Tricking Adventures

Game Description

Lioncard’s Tricking Adventures is a Top Down Pixel art Action RPG with Interactive NSFW scenes. the game is in early development, with a playable  demo that takes you through the prologue and gives a general idea of the direction of the game.

You play as Lioncard an adventurer looking for riches and a good time. While Traveling to the Royal city of Floria Lioncard comes across Elaina a damsel in distress by bandits after rescuing her. Elaina begs Lioncard to save his sister who has been kidnapped and sold to an underground prostitution ring.

Take on Quest from the Townsfolk to earn funds to sleep with the town’s prostitutes and gather info on Elaina’s sister’s whereabouts. Save her, and remember it’s a hard job but somebody has to do it.


Earn Coin from taking on Quest from the adventures guild or from other citizens from the city, Besides slaying monsters, Lioncard Tricking Adventures has another core gameplay Machanic, The Sex Mini game. To locate Elaine’s sister you must gather information from the City whores, but they won’t give that information willingly. Pay for their services and corrupt them to your side.


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