Lewd Sprites: Chapter 10

Explore the icy tundra, dodge obstacles, find the horny sprites and *research* them thoroughly!

Game Description

search around, find horny sprites, bang them all! You are a sprite researcher, and it’s your job to find out what makes sprites so horny and wanting all the time! 

3 findable sprites, 1 reward sprite and 1 scene with Alma, your fellow sprite researcher.

I’m working on a new project!!
with more monster girls and more adventure! Early access stuff available over on

Wanna see more sprites with dozens of horny scenes? Check out the most recent full build at patreon.com/hyperbeamart 

Full game has over 25 unique sprites, and more than double that many scenes, all waiting to be discovered in a curious and whimsical world!

This mac build is experimental, please let me know if it works for you! This game will never come to Mac unless I get useful feedback from mac users on their experience with opening the file, thank you!! Please also note that at this time there is no mac build available on Patreon!


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