Legend of a Savior: Book One

Game Description

Legend of a Savior is rated 18+. Content Warnings: Language, violence, death, parental abuse, blood and gore, avoidable suggestive content and more. The full list is detailed in game.

The Empire is on the verge of collapsing once and for all when a mysterious cult emerges from the ashes of a ruined city. 

Mysterious happenings have been happening ever since you saw a hooded figure in the shadows. Diseases tampering with the land, the first sons and daughters dying, the screams and cries for mercy.

Accidentally coming across their plans, you realize they’re interested in the royal family; leaving their names in red in villages they’ve destroyed, members of royalty killed and hanged.

However, you soon realize it’s not the entire family they’re interested in.

It’s you.

These plans have laid dormant for thousands of years.

They were just waiting for you to set them in motion.

Ranvir Castemont:

Your best friend, the one constant in your life. He’s been by your side through it all, never once letting you be on your own. However, there’s more than meets the eye of who you’ve always known.

“I will destroy heaven to save you.”

Phyrra Alwyn:

The commander of the Army that’s trying to kill you. Though, when you come face-to-face, you catch a glimpse of the woman underneath. A woman hiding many secrets, but from whom? You or herself? 

“You make me remember what it’s like to love.”


Having stumbled upon them on your quest, they join you. However, they aren’t trusting of anything, always telling stories behind jokes. One night you hear them talking to something in the woods, something you can’t quite see. Are they here just to keep you company or is there something more sinister lurking beneath?

“Are you an illusion as well or are you something more? Something darker?”

The Angel:

The creature that guides you to the very thing you are searching for. They’re the one that will tell you almost anything you want to know, except they won’t tell you anything about themselves. Are they helping you for you or are they looking out for themselves like everybody else?

“We will kill each other yet we will save each other.”

Xantara [Female]:
The woman who’s been by your mother’s side for as long as you can remember. The woman who you’re not sure you can trust but everything she does throws you for a loop. She’s the one who taught you how to defend yourself, but will you be able to defend yourself when the time calls for it? Will you be able to defend yourself against her?

The world can burn if it means you get to stay alive.”

Aibek [Male]:
The man who’s always nice to you, a smile on his face every time he sees you. He’s the man who always seems to know just a little too much about everything, no matter the age. He asks if he can join you on your journey, but does he ask to help you or for something far greater?

“My love for you burns brighter than all the suns combined. You’re who I want to wake up to in the morning.”

This game is currently in development. Beware of grammar mistakes, typos, errors, and more. If you find any, please let me know! And please keep in mind that this demo may change multiple times during development, and that what you see here, may not make it in the final product.


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