Kissa Cutie! Café

Manage a Cafe with cute characters! Buy upgrades and talk to the staff!

Game Description

NOTE: Game may have issues running on Chrome, consider using Firefox. Linux build is untested. RUNS BEST WITH WINDOWS DOWNLOAD


Move with WASD

Press E to collect nearby food and serve customers, or use left click to select which nearby food item you want to pick up. 

Press E by the trashcan (near the window) to get rid of the last item you picked up, but it will hurt your relationships!

Left Click and Space can be used to advance dialog.

Enjoy running your Cafe and thank you for trying out our game! Get to 100 affection with Purin and Yukina by serving their menu items.

Dev Team:

Game Design by YUKORIN & eggwhites

Programming by eggwhites(

Story & Artwork by YUKORIN (

Food Art & GUI by Ivan Jeldres (

Soundtrack by Big (

Outline shader was modified from hani098’s line shader

Vanilla font by Cute Explosion

Game made in Godot with Dialogic Plugin


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