[Interactive Fiction] – Public Service 1.5.2

a NSFW sci-fi interactive fiction

Game Description

It seemed like a good deal at the time, but as your eyes go over the address that was sent to your eranNet device, you start having second thoughts. Orthrem District is known for being one of the worst places to be, and that’s where you are to present in the morning. Until you can pay off your sentence, you will be stuck in a machine, in the middle of one of the most obscure and crime-ridden parts of the station, at the mercy of any passer-by looking to blow off some steam.

The thought terrifies you, but deep down you also feel a tingle of excitement. You’ve done some depraved shit before, but this is something else entirely.

(you will find a content warning at the start of the game)

You can follow this game’s progress as well as other projects of mine on Furaffinity!

Help! I got a dialog box that said “Fatal Error”!

This means you need to activate cookies for this page on your browser. Each browser has a different way of doing that, you can find info on this link. The reason there are cookies is because the engine I use, Twine, has a feature that lets you save your game directly on your browser. Even though I have that feature disabled, I’m guessing it still is run by Twine so your browser might be blocking that. Thanks to monroethelizard on Furaffinity for the help!


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