[Interactive Fiction] Crucible of Xes 1.0.4

a sexy text adventure game

Game Description

Hi, my name is Yoll, this is my text adventure (or interactive fiction) game, “Crucible of Xes“. I am making it using Twine, a free program you can find at https://twinery.org/

The goal is to progress through the different portals, each pitting you against stronger foes which you’ll have to defeat. In each fight you will have to use abilities, spells, items and cunning to avoid getting fucked.

When you win a combat, you will receive some loot and you will be able to progress further. But don’t worry, losing a fight isn’t a bad thing: you will be allowed to upgrade one of your stats and come back stronger! That is, if you can still walk straight…

There are many ways to win fights, so pay attention to what is happening and show those monsters who the real alpha is!

This game is still in early development, so please let me know what you think of it in the comments, or by filling this Feedback Survey I made. You can also join the Discord server if you want to see some behind-the-scenes, send some suggestions or just hang out!



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