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Game Description

Content Warning: This game contains adult content and it’s only intended for an 18+ audience.

If you encounter any issues running the web version on itch, try accessing directly on


HTopia is a free to play browser based hentai dating sim game which aims to become the biggest dating sim ever.

I know, it sounds ambitious, but that’s what HTopia is, a very ambitious project that plans to expand its world and universe of characters, stories and activities the player can choose from.

In HTopia you play as a guy who moves to the amazing Portgrand City, a place full of activities and girls to meet and date.

You decide what your goal is, you can become a college student to gain new skills, become a farmer, a chef, a CEO of a company or even an adventurer fighting his way to the top! All of this while you build the harem of your dreams!

The choice is yours, join this adventure as you uncover what’s going on around this wonderful city.


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NOTE: This game is still in active development and some parts may not be 100% done.  Also, while it is possible to play HTopia on a mobile browser, it has not been fully optimized and some UI elements may be difficult to view/interact.


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