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cute smut abt a transgirl who likes being bullied

Game Description

cute smut abt a transgirl who likes being bullied

full synopsis:

Remmie’s bestie Nunu invited them both to her friend Mira’s housewarming party. Not only is Remmie waking up hours late, completely forgotten all about the thing until just now. Nunu isn’t responding to her messages, so maybe she’s there already? With only one way to find out, Remmie ends up leaving and thinks to herself, “Hmmm— I wonder if Nunu has told Mira, and their friends, about how much of a easy slut I am, how Nunu always plays with me and how much I love getting bullied by cuties. “

this is a linear twine. 7k words long. includes like 20 hand drawn illustrations. play this in fullscreen! this is my #yurijam submission! more specific content warnings in the twine. the game is very horny! don’t say i didn’t warn you.  adults only please. 

thank you for all my past, current and future patreons for supporting me!!!

i have put together a cute 14 page long, 3€ artbook! warning it is horny too!  all my patrons and anyone who donated any amount before the release on itch got access to it ^^ 

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