Hot Mom Exchange Club

A visual novel about hot MILFs who want you every day.

Game Description

 Your life is boring and predictable. But then you accidentally meet a guy who tells you about an unusual ladies’ club. It turns out that there are enough hot mommies in your city who prefer sex with young stallions.

And most importantly, these women exchange their sons. Accordingly, if you want to have sex with these hot MILFs, then you have to convince your mom to fuck the son of one of these women.

You are so desperate for sex that you accept the rules of this perverted game. But very soon you realize that your mom has a romantic interest in the son of the woman you want to fuck. It drives you crazy.

There are other MILFs in this city who also want to have sex with you. And although they are not members of the hot mom exchange club, you should definitely pay attention to them.

Currently, Hot Mom Exchange Club allows you to communicate with the following characters:

Jade is a stunning big breasted MILF. Her son wants sex with your mother. And only after that you will have the opportunity to have fun with hot women from this club. You want Jade, so you agree to fulfill all her conditions.

Your mother is a charming woman who still loves your father. She is ready to forgive his adultery and even ask for forgiveness, which makes no sense. You think that your mom looks chic, so she should hang out with your peers.

Diana is your neighbor who you think is a fat cat lady who wants nothing more than reality shows and soap operas. But when you get to know Diana better, you realize how passionate she is.

Mary is the charming psychoanalyst you are forced to visit after your father stops living with your mother. But you don’t believe that these conversations can help you. Your hostility turns to genuine interest when you find out that Mary secretly wants you.

Olivia is your mother’s friend who has never had children. This is the main reason she can’t join the hot mom exchange club. Your mom doesn’t like you hanging out with her best friend because Olivia is obsessed with having sex with your peers.

As we plan to update the Hot Mom Exchange Club regularly, new characters, themes, kinks and fetishes may be added in the future. At the moment, this game may appeal to those people who prefer the following things:


– Mature

– Big Tits

– Big Ass

– BBW (Curvy, Chubby, Fat Girls)

– Oral Sex (Blowjob, Pussy Licking)

– Female Domination

– Humiliation

– Masturbation

– Vaginal Sex

– Rough Sex

– Public Sex

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