Become the most powerful hero of all time.

Game Description

Gaia is a land where heroes strive to become the greatest of their time. Become a hero at the Heroes Guild in Habminal Village, take your first quest, and succeed in your mission to become the greatest hero to ever live.

PC Controls
Z/Enter: Confirm

X/Keypad 0: Cancel/Menu

Arrow Keys: Move

Mobile Controls
Single Tap: Move/Select/Interact

Double Tap: Cancel/Menu

This game contains strong language and some adult themes.

Watch your work come to fruition as you gather hero points by completing quests, and when you have enough, reap the benefits of higher and higher hero ranks until you’re completely unstoppable against all outside forces. 

Meet whimsical characters, complete strange, interesting, and challenging tasks, craft your fighting style to your heart’s content, and explore this colorful 8bit world.

A world-shaking battle looms on the horizon…which part will you play in it?

This game was made with love, passion, and by a team of folks who want to make lasting memories for each player. If anything about the game concerns you, if it resonated with you, or if you have any suggestions, feel free to reach out. <3

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Join the discord server for consistent updates and info on the progress of making the game: https://discord.gg/4ZfmWR4tay

Slower internet connections may cause long load times, late music cues, and other mishaps. These will only need to happen once as long as your cookies aren’t cleared.


Siva – Level designer/Programmer,  Composer,  Pixel Artist,  Animator

colorsCrimsonTears – Composer 

Ainz – Co-Lead Writer 

Ava – Character Artist, Pixel Artist

Noodle – Co-Lead Writer, Background Artist 

Tsanapi – Composer 

Kagetura – Artist 

FableTable – Composer


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