Hazel’s Rise To Domination Demo

Demo of the 2nd Chapter of Opening Up: Hazel’s Story

Game Description

Hazel’s Rise to Domination is a continuation of Opening Up: Hazel’s Story. This is a demo of this new chapter. In this chapter, Hazel turns her nemesis into her submissive and learns how to express her sexuality as a domme.


Play the full game here!


If you haven’t played the first chapter of Opening Up: Hazel’s Story click here to play it now on itch.io.


Please note that this game is under active development and graphical glitches and bugs may be present. If you are experiencing pixelation in the web browser, please consider downloading the PC build for a better experience.

Disclaimer: All characters involved in sexual acts are 18+ and all sexual acts are consensual. All characters are fictional.

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