Hallowed Tempus

Follow an immerse story while discovering a different view of the world.

Game Description

“The world can be very different for each of us. It can depend on experience, health and state of mind. Play through a first person distorted narrative, interacting with characters and the choices you make. “

This large project focuses on audience interaction and storytelling. The work allows the viewer to play as the main character, interacting with the world and characters to explore and investigate perception. The work focuses on the main 4-character embodiments (Jack, Velis, Phillip, and Orcus). The player is prompted with choices while interacting with each of the characters. 

The work investigates abstract storytelling while focusing on themes including mental health, daily experience, realities, and the supernatural. Based in research around theories of the self and perception, the work aims to allow the viewer to experience a story detailing how it could be to live with emotions and feelings, in a physical form, throughout everyday life. The work brings focus on a fantasy storyline, based in real life experience. The work has a strong focus in interaction, to further allow the audience to empathise and explore the themes that are focused on. The overarching storyline aims to allow the audience to relate with the work, while creating their own narrative, while following the set story. Due to this the work, may contain scenes and/or themes that might be triggering for some.

The project is separated into 9 different sections. These include the intro, and the good and bad endings for each of their characters (excluding Zach). Each section is a separate story, yet they all start with the intro section. 

Jack __________ James O’Leary
Velis __________ Elliot Stedman
Phillip __________ Ben Payne
Orcus __________ Ethan Leith
Zach __________ Gabriel Ryder
Butler __________ Gabriel Ryder

Creator __________ NanoHour
Sound Effects __________ freesounds.org
Music ___________ Pix


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