gooeycandy’s Hands On! Demo

Game Description

In “Hands On!” you can strip & feel some handsome characters. If you’re
good with your hands, you might just get a happy ending…

Candy & Foley are enjoying a day at the beach. Wonder if they can give you a taste of what Hands On! is known for?

During “Strip Mode”, simply chat and choose what clothing to remove! Try
to get your favorite outfit combination!

During “Hands-On Mode” put your skills to the test, and touch & rub
whatever feels right! Try to get the sidebar filled all the way! Watch
out, if you don’t touch enough, the bar will begin to empty!

Composer and musician. Synth enthusiast. Mostly electronic music. |
OSTs: Human Cargo, //TODO: today, and more. He composed various themes
for Hands On!.

French Translator

Spanish Translator

Italian Translator

Polish Translator

All support for all “Hands On!” games is handled through our discord below:


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