Gnoll Nomads

Join the Gnoll Nomads and become a gnoll

Game Description

Gnoll Nomads, a LGBTQ+ gnoll transformation text game!

You wake up to the sight of gnolls! Live with the gnoll nomads and become one! Visit a village and transform others into gnolls!

Game contains sexual content. The sexual content depends on settings (M/M &/or M/F OR F/M &/or F/F). Player can be male or female. Player can have sex with men and/or women. If the player desires only one sex (men only or women only), then the characters of the undesired sex will not be selectable in the game. There are six gnoll nomads the player can have sex with: three male gnolls and three female gnolls. The villagers are randomized.

This is the first version of Gnoll Nomads. You can find more games on my Patreon and SubscribeStar with the specific links listed on the first page of the actual game. You can also find games by using my Game Directory on itch: If you would like to support me, then become a patron at or subscribe to my SubscribeStar at and you will receive access to early content of my games before they’re posted anywhere else. This game also has a Strategy Guide and Scene Selection Generator on Patreon and SubscribeStar.


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