Fuck My Mommy, Please

An adult visual novel where you fuck hot moms at the request of their children.

Game Description

Fuck My Mommy, Please is an adult visual novel with dating simulation elements in which you will have the opportunity to have sex with hot MILFs.

In accordance with the plot of Fuck My Mommy, Please, you are the owner of a strange agency that provides no less strange services. Children are looking for lovers for their mothers. And you are perfect for the role.

Each of your clients has their own reasons. But you don’t care. The main thing is that they give you all the information to seduce hot MILFs as soon as possible.

Naturally, this does not mean that you will have sex with other people’s moms immediately after greeting. Yes, their children give you a lot of useful advice. But you have to do the most important thing yourself.

Each hot mom has her own character, features, oddities and sexual preferences. So you have to behave differently in order to fuck them as soon as possible. What works for one MILF may turn off another. Be careful, attentive and insightful.

Fuck My Mommy, Please is a visual novel where your choices affect the story. Depending on your personality, you may be interested in the following basic behaviors:

– a romantic who likes to please hot moms

– a horny guy who wants to fuck a MILF as soon as possible

– a bad guy who prefers to fuck someone else’s mom rough and humiliating

Your strange agency is in demand. At the moment, you can boast that you have already fucked the following hot MILFs:

Hillary is a buxom teacher who believes that any affair will be bad for her career. She is terrified of getting a reputation as an old whore who seduces high school students. Hillary talks about it so often that it becomes obvious that this is her main erotic fantasy.

Jessica is a desperate housewife who moonlights as a webcam model out of boredom. Her husband spends too much time at work. Other women read books, watch TV series, develop their culinary skills, learn foreign languages, and so on. But Jessica has a different hobby.

Lisa is a fat programmer with poor communication skills. Even her son is surprised that this woman has ever had sex. It must have been a marriage swindler or an alien. Lisa works remotely and rarely leaves the house.

Bethany is a black single mother who is convinced that all men are just as bad as her ex-husband. All people are entitled to their own point of view. But the problem is, Bethany is meddling in her kids’ private lives, so they want to distract her with you.

Greta is an ex-military who scares men with stories about her past. After this woman beats up a man who tried to meet her at a bar, her daughter makes unsuccessful attempts to arrange her love life.

Aida is a domineering business woman who wants men to follow her every command. Her children are tired of gigolos breaking this woman’s heart. So they think that your services will cost them less than another rogue who robs her at the end.

Sheila is a short, thin feminist with a fierce hatred of men. Several drunken classmates raped her at her prom. Sheila became pregnant as a result, but her religious parents did not believe the story. Calling their daughter a harlot, they kicked her out of the house.

Ella is a medium or just a crazy woman who hears voices in her head. She has regular clients who want to contact the spirits of deceased relatives. But this type of earnings has a bad effect on Ella’s personal life.

Lucy is an Asian woman who prefers not to get close to men. Her son thinks that it has something to do with her job. He suggests that the small family restaurant is just a front for something big and illegal.

Naomi is a black bisexual woman whose daughter is not happy with her stepmother. This girl wants you to seduce her mother and provide her with incriminating photos. The girl believes that the only way she can get rid of her stepmother.

As we plan to update Fuck My Mommy, Please regularly, new characters, themes, kinks and fetishes may be introduced here in the future. At the moment, this game may appeal to those people who prefer the following things:


– Mature

– Big Tits

– Big Ass

– BBW (Curvy, Chubby, Fat Girls)

– Vaginal Sex

– Oral Sex (Blowjob, Pussy Licking, Ass Licking, Face Sitting)

– Anal Sex

– Female Domination

– Humiliation

– Masturbation

– Rough Sex

– Public Sex

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