From Here to Again

Game Description

Set in a ficitonal 1870s, step into the shoes of an aspiring inventor. Your journey begins with tattered dreams and desperation. 

After taking your new job, you leave the familiar confines of England, accompanying your new mentor to Boston, America, during the height of its industrial revolution. This new world is rife with opportunities and challenges, each twist and turn offering hidden lessons and insights. 

As you strive to create your first invention and assist your mentor, you grapple with a question that silently shadows the path of progress: Is the world ever truly ready for the leaps that innovation brings? 

And in the pursuit of progress, are there boundaries entwined with existence that one should dare to defy?

First and foremost: this story is not a retelling of the life of Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the first telephone. While it draws inspiration from historical contexts and uses names of real places, this is a work of fiction and should be read as such.

This story will be 18+ for the following:

At 27, your life shifted after the death of your mother and disgrace of your father. Your dreams are big, but aren’t most? You have a basic grasp of your device, but in order to achieve it’s functioning form, you need to learn and develop it over the course of the story, all while assisting your mentor. 

Each path is a lesson, one you’ll learn from or one you wont. Can you help shape the world, or are some dreams too far into the future?

Play as a man, woman, or non-binary. 

Choose your accessories and clothing.

Leopold/Lenora C. Ravenscroft: 38 | Inventor

Wolfgang/Wynne “Wolf” Eisenburg: 32 | Investor

Joseph/Josephine “Joe/Josie” Turner: 25 | Artisan

Jordan Sinclair: 26 | Journalist


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