From Ashes to Ambitions v0.0.95 – Back to the DEVELOPMENT!

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Game Description

Hello everyone!! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? So, out of nowhere, I just felt this sudden urge to dive back into our project, hahah.

For now, I’m working on making the game lighter (converting all game gifs to webp, reducing the size of each file by around 80%). This not only makes it easier for all of you to download but also makes it possible to play via the browser too.

Happy Holidays!!

While the new version is under development, you can play the version below!

The Patreon version is too large to play online on Itch, so I’m making it available for you to download and play offline!

File pass: 0095ptvupdt

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The website went down because I ran short of money and needed to cut some expenses. But since my financial situation has stabilized, the website will go online again.


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