Forbidden Apprentice (Adult)

The Dark Side is more fun.

Game Description

It’s a whole new Galaxy. Order 66 is initiated after Padme Skywalker is assassinated by the Jedi Council, after her marriage to the Chosen One becomes public.. With the help of Ahsoka, Anakin is able to avenge his wife’s death. Now, he must help her succumb to the Dark Side. 

In Chapter One, Ahsoka must shed one of her Jedi ideals, modesty. 

A Digital Comic in both VR and 2D. 

As Lord Vader, you must help your Apprentice fully succumb to the Dark Side. 

Use your controllers A button to go to the next frame, and the B button to go back. There are only 6 frames for now. 

The 2D Comic is browser only for now. 

I’ll still have some of the loop animations available that were rendered with Unity’s HDRP. I have, however, moved onto just using Daz Studio, so I can have higher resolution images. 

A brand new Loop animation you can download and play on your Quest 2.  The Ahsoka Ride Loop is 4K. I’m still going to refine it more, and I’ll release a better version later. 

A quick Quest 2 VR Parody. 

Adults only. 

For just the loop animation, you can visit my site at   or even better, download the loop on this page (for free). Use the Playa VR app (the best VR video player for the Quest 2. 

For a 2D loop video go to

This will give you the best possible visuals. 

I might work on this a little more, but will probably be focusing on a similar type story but with my own original characters. 


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