FMG World

Buff girl dating and life sim.

Game Description

In the future females are the dominant sex while men are cute femboys, will you help maintain things the way they are or will you fight for change? Any random choice might have consequences down the line, be careful.

Next update will have ANDROID PORT.


Please DELETE OLD SAVE FILES when trying new versions, you’ll get bugs otherwise since I frequently update old stuff and build upon it.

Here’s the update schedule.

If you want to get access to newer versions sooner, vote on future content and get other cool perks consider supporting me on patreon.

I also made a boosty for my russian boys who can’t use patreon.

Join my discord server to be part of a cool community, see news about the game sooner and for other hot stuff.

DISCLAIMER: This game includes violence, consensual non con, Femdom of all kinds and other nasty, kinky shit. Proceed at your own risk.

Patrons can find 0.1.5 here. Boosty comrades need to use the download key on boosty.

V 0.1.5 has:

– android port

– new girl art

– step sister personality update, more workout scenes

– ava date rework

– more UI changes 

– whore house

– new backgrounds

– bunch of other stuff

Currently working on 0.1.6, expect a lot more shit.


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