Fling League

A lewd game about girls in wet t-shirts having water bomb fights

Game Description

For the best game experience, please download the Windows build below. The web version is playable, but has a couple issues. Like very long time until the characters are loaded. So when you are on the “Pick your team” screen and don’t know what to do, give it some time.

This game was made for the Summer of Smut game jam. For this game jam I wanted to try out if VRoid Studio characters animated with the Unity animation rigging system are a viable way to create hot real-time NSFW scenes without too much art effort.

Unlocking all the NSFW scenes requires to win at least 7 matches, and a match takes about 15 minutes. So if you are time-constrained and want to see them all, then I recommend to enable cheat mode with F12, which allows you to edit the scoreboard and turn counter.

To fund their party budget for the summer break, a bunch of college girls have an idea: Create a sport out of having water bomb fights while wearing bikinis and white t-shirts. And then charge people good money to watch it. As the game goes on, the bikinis go. And in the end, the losing team has to do something lewd for the cheering crowd.

This is a turn-base squad-level strategy game with a twist: Simultaneous turns! You plan your turn while the opponent plans theirs, and when you click “Execute”, both plans execute simultaneously. There is no actual randomness involved, but outcomes are still pretty unpredictable due to not knowing what the opponents are going to do.

For “accessibility reasons” (*wink**wink*) this game can be played with only one hand. It’s played with mouse only. Sorry, no touchscreen support.

Some people keep asking me if I intend to update and expand this game. The answer is probably no. As I wrote, this game is a game jam submission. Game jams are about experimenting and prototyping within a time limit. Not to create games you are actually going to take seriously. If they result in viable products, that’s more of a happy accident than the expected outcome.

But I did read all the constructive feedback you gave me for this game and used it to conceptualize an idea for a successor with completely revamped gameplay. Will I do that? Perhaps. I can’t say, because it’s not the only project idea I have laying around. So time will tell.

This is a pornographic game. It features naked women doing lots of lewd stuff, including:


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