Fashion Business: Boat Trip

Game Description

Embark on a journey into the glamorous yet cutthroat realm of the fashion business with this complimentary FREE WEB DEMO! 

Immerse yourself in the splendor of one of the most dazzling photoshoots and scintillating scenes from the third episode of Fashion Business.

Download the complete version of the Episode 3 and observe as Monica makes pivotal decisions, reclaiming control in various situations, albeit not always in the aspects of life and work she had envisioned. Nevertheless, she adeptly demonstrates her acumen as an experienced businesswoman.

As the  Episode 3 unfolds, Monica is left with no alternatives, and in certain scenarios, she succumbs to her emotions, fully surrendering to feelings. This FREE WEB DEMO provides a glimpse into Monica’s sexual preferences, featuring an exhilarating scene guaranteed to leave you captivated. 

Immerse yourself in one of the many enchanting evenings in Monica’s life and rush to download all the episodes.

A crucial note! The epic conclusion, the Episode 4 of the renowned Fashion Business, is currently in development. The storylines of some characters intertwine, promising 12 staggering endings. Ensure you’re among the first to witness the unfolding narrative. Don’t miss out!



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