Fair Princess Under Futa Curse – Intro

Play as a beautiful princess who was cursed to become a futanari.

Game Description


A beautiful fair princess was cursed by a couple of reckless mages to become a futanari.  As time passed, the penis grew bigger as well as the princess’ lust for sex. Play as the princess and explore her journey of sexual transformation from a girl to futanari, and how she finds love through it all! Explore her sexual transformation in this non-linear life simulation visual novel where you get to choose which actions the princess takes.

The story starts out in the typical way, but quickly becomes much more strange. At first you will be enjoying your daily life as a princess. However, a terrible curse has been cast upon you, and turned you into a futanari, growing a gigantic penis. This penis is no ordinary penis, it demands constant pleasure – no matter where or when. But being a princess you are forced to hide your newfound desires.

Themes presented in the game:



The gameplay is a non-linear visual novel life simulation with daily activities. Progress through multiple parts of the story as you choose activities throughout the day. There are multiple paths the slutty princess can take. Some parts of the story are experienced linearly. You get to decide what the princess does and how she acts. You are in charge of the princesses sexual exploration and sluttyness.

Intro vs Full Game:

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Fair Princess Under Futa Curse by Cute Pen Games


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