Escape From Meteor Lab

Fight Your Way Out Or Get Fucked By Furry Enemies

Game Description

Escape From Meteor Lab, a gay M/M furry transformation adult text game! Fight your way out of the lab or get fucked by enemies!

A meteor came crashing down! You and the other townsfolk were taken to a lab! Defeat the enemies standing in your way of escaping the lab!

The game contains gay M/M content with different anthropomorphic furry transformations for the player including cat, fox, gnoll, kangaroo, otter, panther, tiger, and wolf! A few other species in the game are limited to friendly NPCs and enemy bosses. Losing to certain enemies will result in a game over.

Non-boss enemies have an encounter rate. You might experience lots of enemies in a playthrough or barely any enemies in a playthrough due to the rng.

This game has a battle system. You can use items to help you in battle.

This is a commissioned game I made for a game auction winner.

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