EroFights [18+]

Sex-fights online where the goal is to make the other cum πŸ˜‰

Game Description

Online games of sex teasing and fighting!


Play online:

Meet people, roleplay some intense sex scenes with pics, receive and give instructions! The game’s premise is simple: Two players take turns teasing and fucking each other, getting closer and closer to orgasm with each action. The first person who makes the other player cum twice wins the game! Sounds interesting?

You like sex-fighting? We do too! We have two game modes (hetero/lesbian) that are specifically written for it! Play for real with another player, block them, punch them, fuck them, all moves fair!

You like dom/sub relationships? Guess what? We have it too! We three modes (Femdom with Caprice, Interactive, and Hentai). Available for all kind of dom-sub dynamics involving, but by no means limited to female dominant and male sub, male dominant and female submissive and even some girl on girl action!Β 

Not enough? Seriously? Well, we also have a Hentai mode and a Dungeon Adventures mode, which should satisfy all your perversions πŸ˜‰

The website is also LGBT+ friendly, and lots of games are available for transgender characters, give it a try!

Not convinced yet? You can also read the old ThePornDude review πŸ˜‰Β 

Play it on and join our Discord!


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