Enter the Expansion Mansion

A Breast Expansion focused text-based adventure game. Adults only (18+)

Game Description

Welcome to Enter the Expansion Mansion, a breast expansion text-based adventure game!

In this game, you will take on the roll of a man who, along with his wife, investigates a manor home at night, four years after the mysterious disappearance of its owner.

This game is a work in progress, with more content being added gradually over time as I work on it.

I am still learning how to create with Twine and Harlowe, so the game will improve over time as my skills grow.

This site will see an eventual release of the finished game, but Patrons will have early access to builds of the game as development continues. You can become a Patron here.

If you encounter any bugs, mistakes, or general weird stuff while playing this game, please report them here.

Character art by Rennuxx.


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