Encounter with the Countess de Diodati

Interactive fiction. Gratuitous gore and torture.

Game Description

Atop the mountain summit a cavalcade of black spires claw at the sky.

Hulking towers pierce cloud and fog. The castle’s windows are paltry illumination in the lashing rain, rendering the whole structure a mere silhouette, a monstrous darkness emanating from the lesser darkness of night. It has withstood war and fire. Surely it will stand for a thousand more years.

Below, minuscule against the black edifice, a visitor stands rattling the castle gate.

18+. Extremely violent story written in a few days for Orifice Jam. I tried to make something as graphic and inaccessible as I could manage.

About 20 minutes long. Four endings. Text only, no images.

I might add images and edit the writing later.

Content notes available in the in-game About section.



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