Emma’s Growth: A Female Muscle Growth Game v0.2

a female muscle growth game

Game Description

[Female Protagonist][Female Muscle Growth]

This is an early access release of ‘Emma’s Growth’. The game is unfinished and will continually be updated over time. 

This is a life sim game where you play as a girl named Emma who gains a desire to become as big and muscular as possible, and her personality starts to become more dominant over time to match her growing body as well. You guide her on her journey to becoming enormous by going to the gym and making use of various serums and items. You have two beautiful roommates who are sure to notice these changes as well… Will you be nice to them or make them worship you?

Notice: All images in this game are originally generated with AI and are then edited and tweaked manually  

Current Features (Public Release v0.2):

– female muscle growth

– breasts growth

– butt growth

– height growth

– waist shrinking

– hips growth

– various growth serums that target different parts of the body

– sudden breast expansion scenes

– breasts rivalry/comparisons

– muscle rivalry/comparisons

– ability to showoff your muscles and breasts

– detailed descriptions of your body

– detailed measurements of your body

– lots of ways to grow your body to your liking

– muscle/breasts worship (late game)

– life sim style gameplay


Join my Patreon to gain access to the following benefits:

– access to the latest versions of the game

– ultra-high definition images for the game

– access to the cheat menu

– ability to download the game locally

– Discord access

– vote on upcoming content

– exclusive previews and devlogs

Support the development of the game at: https://www.patreon.com/jobobot


Any bug reports, feedback, suggestions, etc are all appreciated. Thanks.


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