Dungeon Rescue Service – DEMO

Game Description

Note – This is an NSFW game with explicit sexual themes, if you are legally a minor in your country you may NOT access this game! No seriously, if you are not an adult, accessing this stuff can majorly impact the lives of actual adults in negative ways, don’t be the reason someone ends up in prison, ‘kay?  🙂

In a world with strange and unstable magic, you are a mercenary who is looking to make a living. Treasures and wonders of many kinds lie below the surface. Will you plunder the dungeon depths, or will the dungeon plunder your depths instead~

This game will include: dungeon randomization, unit recruitment, crafting, gardening/foraging, and access to a town for shops and future secret features. These may morph and change as time goes on but that where things stand for now.

This game is currently a demo, and I’m working on a full version, if not completing the demo at the moment. I do plan on making the full version a paid game, so be ready for that in the near future.

Until then I will be updating the demo until I feel it properly demonstrates enough of the full game’s mechanics. Have fun!


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